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Morphology Class II - MARES



In this show, "Tribuna Lusitana" offers us a great morphology class applied to Lusitano mares.

A must see to all the Lusitano fans.





      Video de "TRIBUNA LUSITANA"


  9th January 2011


An "old" published video of the Lobo de Vasconcelos stud that some of our friends asked us to republish.

Enjoy the beautiful sceneries... home of the Lusitano.



      Video de MetteLindblad (Sweden)


 14th  December  2010

Dressage Lesson (Edward Gal)


"HORSE AND COUNTRY" publishes a video where the extraordinary Edward Gal gives a great dressage lesson in a easy and simple way.






Video de "Horse and Country"



29th November 2010

Morphology Class


In this show, "Tribuna Lusitana" offers us a great morphology class to help all the Lusitano lovers to understand a little bit more the best horse breed in the world.

Dr. Orpheu Ávila explains us in a simply and didactic way how to evaluate Lusitanos.





        Video de "TRIBUNA LUSITANA"


14th October 2010

How to plait a mane the Portuguese way


In this video made by  DRESSAGE PORTUGAL one of the grooms (a real master) of the "Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre" shows us how to plait a mane the portuguese way. It looks easy... but is not.




         Video from  DRESSAGE PORTUGAL



10th September 2010

Great Cavalry Masters (Tribuna Lusitana)

The first Lusitano horse Tv show was in Portugal.

 The "Tribuna Lusitana" recorded some shows with portuguese profesionals close related to the Lusitano

 We leave you here the "Homenagem de Mestre Luis Valença ao Mestre Nuno de Oliveira".  A must see show.




         Video de "TRIBUNA LUSITANA"





   1st September 2010

Feira Nacional do Cavalo 2010 (Golegã - Portugal)


From 5th to 14th of November of 2010 the portuguese Golegã village will be the place where all the Lusitano lovers will gather to see some of the most beautiful Lusitano horses in the world.

    Video by  Portugal WTV



 Pre-program of  2010 Golegã's fair:


NOVEMBER 5th ( Friday)
 - Quinta de Santo António -
11H00-  Carriage Driving
Trials - Dressage


NOVEMBER 6th (Saturday)
- Largo do Arneiro -
07H30- Departure- Endurance Competition
09H00- Jumping Competition

- Quinta da Labruja -
14H00- Carriage Driving Trials - Marathon


NOVEMBER 7th( Sunday)
- Quinta de Stº. António -
10H00- Carriage Driving Trials -Cones

- Largo do Arneiro -
09H00- Jumping Competition


NOVEMBER 8th ( Monday)
- Picadeiro Lusitanus -
10H00- Jumping horse selection for the
Wacouche sale (Fevereiro 2011)


NOVEMBER 10th ( Wednesday)
- Quinta de Stº. António-
10H00- National Dressage Competition
15H00- National Dressage Competition

- Largo do Arneiro -
Horse presentation
10H00 - 3 Yr. Old Colts
14H00- 4 Yr. Old Horses (Presented Under Saddle)
18H00- To see a Horse … to get a Horse
21H00- Centro Equestre da Lezíria Grande - Horse Show


NOVEMBER 11th (Thursday)
- Quinta de Stº. António -
10H00- National Dressage Competition
 National Dressage Competition Portuguese Equitation Tests
15H00 -  National Dressage

- Largo do Arneiro -
18h00- To see a Horse … to get a Horse
19h00 – Final do Campeonato de
Maneabilidade dos Centros Hípicos
20h30– Prémio Marquês de Marialva
National Dressage Competition /international level



NOVEMBER 12th (Friday)
- Quinta de Stº. António -
10h00– Portuguese Cup Working Equitation

- Largo do Arneiro -
11H00 –  Final of National Championship Driving Derby
16H30- To see a Horse … to get a Horse
20H00– Escola Profissional de Alter do Chão show
21H00-  Revista Equitação 2010 awards
21H30- The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art show
22H30- Horse Ball - Portuguese Cup


NOVEMBER 13th (Saturday)
- Quinta de Stº. António -
14H00– Portuguese Cup Working Equitation


- Largo do Arneiro -
11H00- National Championship Driving Derby - final
16H00- To see a Horse … to get a Horse
22H00- Horse Ball - Final -  National Cup
23H00-  Mounted Games - Skill and Expertise Test


- Largo do Arneiro -
11H00- Portuguese Cup Working Equitation speed trial
16H00– Official Award Ceremony of the 2010 Fair - Breed Champions




25th of April 2010

Festival Internacional do Puro Sangue Lusitano (em Cascais - Portugal)





From the 2nd till the 5th of June the "Festival Internacional do Puro Sangue Lusitano" will be the main event in Cascais (Portugal).

In this annual show all the main breeders of the Lusitano horse get together to show the best of their studs.